Keepalive question for Serverless Chatbot


I’m looking into transitioning my chatbot to a serverless model, and I’m curious if there is a constant or flex rate that the keepalive messages are sent for websocket chat connections?

The documentation does not specify. It’s not a huge deal, as a consumption rate in pricing will still keep that pretty low, but I would like to try and project as I architect a possible solution.

“regular” IRC keep alive ping/pong is the business for the day.

So it’s not documented per sae as the regular IRC stuff applies

Off hand I forget what the regular schedule is.

Checking my code I check I got a PING that I PONG’ed to at least every 5 minutes

And I’ll send my own ping if I didn’t which can help keep it alive.

End of the day if you are getting chat messages then you are good. And if the whole socket goes quiet then ping/pong becomes more important

And you can always proactively PING anyway instead of waiting for the service to.

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