Keyword Filter during a Stream (Question I Have)

Is it hard to create a word out filter to censor improper words during a broadcast? I remember seeing some websites that allow a user to insert keywords in text that filter out inappropriate words such as the famous (N) word or whatever keywords that can ban streamers. I don’t understand how that same logic wouldn’t apply to a twitch chat. ~sure their may not be one that can do it during the text 2 speech process but why cant it be enforced during a text? That way the text to speech wouldn’t be so awkward.
Why would a streamer be banned when a follower continues to use these impromptu words in text all the time is it because the freedom to say anything is in Twitch’s best interest?

Does the Twitch Streamer have those tools at their disposal and are just not using it? or have no knowledge how?

Chat filtering exists 1st party via Automod and its settings and creating 3rd party ones is not difficult (and many exist).

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