Kicks from chat in browser when afk

Why kicks from chat when afk? Client not sending PONG? Why does the chat stop and when, after a kick, you write to the chat you do not see messages from other users? only your own visible
Everything was normal before, with the old chat, it appeared a year ago with the transition to a new one, and I thought everything would be fixed, but a year has passed and there are still such problems, you have to either refresh the page or hide the chat and open it again

Question to developers: is it hard to fix?

If this is a issue you have observed in the last day. Then there has been some “fun” with connections in some places to chat.

Secondly is this in reference to a chat bot you have built?

This is a the third party developer forums and we cannot really help with general chat connectivity issues for the Twitch website, that would be

Thirdly the likely issue is more your connection to Twitch via your ISP not the Twitch website iself

ok, I just wanted to find out from developers it’s hard to fix it or not, it’s just a connection through the user’s browser, not a bot, and so it happens to many, if you don’t write to the chat after some time it freezes, it seems to you that no one writes, then you write and see only your messages, messages go to chat, they all communicate with you there, but you don’t see it, you need to refresh the page, if it’s a provider, then there are a lot of providers not only mine, and everything is very similar to the fact that the client in the browser they kick and then the chat does not resume Is there, anything to do with the provider? Well, I just wanted to know the opinion of this from third-party developers

No idea.

Sounds like a issue your side. And not really a issue for this forums.

You might need to open a ticket with twitch

ok sorry

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