Kotlin Twitch Helix API Client

Hello guys,

I recently implemented a Kotlin Twitch Helix API wrapper for some of the other projects I’m working on and I decided to open-source it. I’m hoping some of you will use it and would also love to have some feedback on it.

Here are is some information about the library:


Twitch-Client is a modern Kotlin library that permits an easy and quick interaction with the Twitch services. Currently, the library can be used in Java or Kotlin/JVM projects and will be extended to other platforms in the future with the help of Kotlin-Multiplatform. The library is built on top of the Ktor Client which is one of the best performing HTTP clients for Kotlin.


  • All Twitch Helix endpoints are implemented and tested
  • Works with Kotlin/JVM and Java projects
  • Works with Android Studio projects
  • Authentication service included for an easy OAuth flow implementation
  • Nullable types are used for all Twitch API response objects
  • 100% unit test coverage
  • All public methods and members are documented
  • Documentation includes code samples for all endpoints
  • Easy handling of multi-page Twitch collection responses

Hey thanks for this its really awesome i am just running into an error. When i try testing it out using the simple first request i get this message “e: G:\school_projects\src\Application.kt: (73, 13): Using ‘userNameRealmPasswordDigestProvider: suspend (userName: String, realm: String) -> ByteArray?’ is an error. Use digestProvider { } function instead.”

Now i looked it up and followed the digestProvider function format but still run into a dead end. Is it maybe because i am using a plug in version of Kotlin for IntelliJ, any info would be appreciated . Thank you .

I can have a look into it. Could you please open a github issue here and paste your build.gradle file?

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