Kraken/streams delay / cache?

I am hitting:{name}
every 5 seconds to determine when a streamer goes live to trigger events.

Is there come kinda of latency / cache on the API for going online/offline?

The stream object seems to stick around for a while after the streamer has gone offline. Is there any way around this?

Most (if not all) API endpoints are cached to handle the heavy load, so I don’t think hitting it every 5 seconds makes a lot of sense. I don’t think there is an official way around that. I think there may be a PubSub topic that does that, but I’m not using it myself so I’m not sure if it works, and if it does it’s not documented/supported.

Do not pick a Kraken endpoint any more often than once per minute.

It’s a unwritten rule thats been noted widely on the forums.

All end points on kraken are cached, so hitting it any quicker than once per minute is a waste of cycles and resources!

Both the answers above are correct. We cache heavily for performance reasons and there is no supported way around it. Our caches are anywhere from 1 - 3 minutes, so you are unlikely to get a new response hitting the endpoint every 5 seconds.

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