Stream API has a major delay?

Hello developers,
I have been trying to detect when a user starts and stops streaming, but I’m having some issues. I am using the Twitch API v5 because I looked around the new Twitch API docs and couldn’t find anything.
When I begin streaming, it seems to (most of the time) update immediately. However, when I stop streaming shortly after, there is a huge delay before it updates. There’s nothing wrong with my code, because even when I go on the API in my browser it doesn’t update.

Here’s the API that I’m using:

Does anyone know why this happens?
Thank you,

Never mind - it has a huge delay when the stream starts as well.
I also found out how to do it with the new Twitch API, but there are still long delays.

There “delay” has always been between 3-5 minutes.

First it’s to confirm the stream is actually up and stable

lol, why is it so long

The data is cached. It has always been that way.

Hello, I have some questions to try to help you in some way, are you opening a web socket ( ?, Another question, uses promises for the callback?

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