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We need a Language Filter…so tired of clicking on 6 Russian only streams just to find one in my own language. It is such a straight forward feature.

YouTube Gaming will probably have it…how about we innovate to keep users happy.

Force the streamer to select a language…and the idea of multiple languages is foolish. I am going to leave a stream if they start speaking a language I cannot understand.

I do understand what you are asking for and I agree it would be a nice feature. A easily set search filter that will match streamers with a specific language set would be handy. Forcing the streamers set the languages they use in the stream would be nice for viewers in general.

Until then:
Have you tried adding the language 3 letter abbreviation to your search? For example: [ENG]
Not every stream sets the primary language for the stream, but if they do, it’s searchable.

That is a semi-ok suggestion and I use it where possible but it is hit or miss. When I say semi-ok it is not a slight against you but trying to emphasis its a hack the user should not have to use with a platform that is worth over a billion dollars.

Twitch can spare some dev time to allow this. Given a month or two some seniors in a CS/IT program could implement this…this is not some cutting edge web programming as this knowledge has been around over a decade in mass use…give a seasoned dev team…this could be implemented in a few weeks and then QA’d

In looking back over the last 12 months…what has Twitch actually added to this platform that adds value…feels kinda stagnant. Twitch does not seem to be improved in any big ways.

If you sent your display language to something other than English you will see a special section for streams that match your language.

You can also access the directory manually. Ex: [English] [German]

I do not want all English channels…I want to go to work…open twitch…select a game…(dota 2 in this case) then hit a drop down with “English” and apply filter. Then look trough all English streams and enjoy viewing!


Edit: Also, general site feature requests should go on the Uservoice ( This forum is for API related topics only.

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I have found 3 Non-English channels with that link. Another kinda-works solution. Now I say that with respect to you george as you have been quite responsive and helpful. Thank you!

Also thank you for the information on the other forum. A Google search for “twitch forums” does not pull that up as top ten. This is another issue where for a regular user as the forums themselves are splintered and not easy to find or like me I assumed this was the only forum…similarly named to dota forums as they use the dev term and their forum is for all but twitches use of dev is just for API’s etc…and true dev content.

Twitch has some work to do, while the avid forum browser may not see this that is because you are accustomed to how things are…a new comer or someone wanting to ask a 1 off question is lead down incorrect paths as Twitch has not built a intuitive ecosystem. They need to clean up their sites if only to avoid these situation where a user becomes annoyed and seeks a more intuitive experience.

Thank you again george and matt!

In that case they have incorrectly categorized themselves as English.

I just learned something new. Liking post.

Probably deliberately in an attempt to get more stumble in/discovery viewers.

Forcing people to set a language is all well and good, but a lot of casters are likely to set the wrong language in an attempt to get stumble in viewers who are just browsing the directory, in my opinion.

That said a lot of casters will put (the correct) [language] in their title I find.

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