Last videos from specific channels

How can I retrieve last added vods?

_ has many 2016 vods.

However, when I call

curl -H ‘Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v3+json’ -X GET

I don’t have any 2016 vods.

I’m seeing current vods at the endpoint you posted:

"title": "2016 Hot6 GSL Season 2",
"description": null,
"broadcast_id": 21970615952,
"broadcast_type": "archive",
"status": "recording",
"tag_list": "",
"views": 13,
"created_at": "2016-06-22T09:03:03Z",
"url": "",
"_id": "v73844504",
"recorded_at": "2016-06-22T09:02:41Z",
"game": "StarCraft II",
"length": 3198.80608151,
"preview": "",
"thumbnails": [
"url": "",
"type": "generated"
"fps": {
"audio_only": 0,
"chunked": 30,
"high": 30,
"low": 30,
"medium": 30,
"mobile": 30
"resolutions": {
"chunked": "1920x1080",
"high": "1280x720",
"low": "640x360",
"medium": "852x480",
"mobile": "400x226"
"_links": {
"self": "",
"channel": ""
"channel": {
"name": "gsl",
"display_name": "GSL"

Agree with @george. I see 2016 VODs when I use this endpoint.

@george @DallasNChains
I curled in os X, and I have only 2015-2014 vods. However, when I directly go to a browser with just a link everything looks fine, and I see 2016 data

terminal screenshot:

Is it because of the header message (curl’s -H flag)? I got it from github manual.

The header shouldn’t be a problem. I copy and pasted your command above and get all of your 2016 videos. zsh wouldn’t accept the URL without the quotes around it, so I added those.


It was quotes; I am good now. Thanks

In my defence, there are now quotes on the github page as well :sunglasses:

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