Latency to broadcaster related question

Hi, was watching a stream and had some bufferings cuz my internet was abit slow, the latency went up to 30ish seconds, then he hosted someone and it showed that i had 4sec latency to that guy, am i wrong or it should have added the 30sec to that so it actually should have showed 34sec delay?

When the host went off your player switched to a new stream, so it started with 0 sec delay… but if you had to buffer a bit perhaps it started at 4 sec delay. Because the player shifted to a new stream/session you would not add the previous streams 30 sec delay.

but i am thinking of it as that it wasnt me who clicked that other stream, i was sent to from this stream that i was delayed from , shouldnt it count that delay

When the host starts, it starts for everyone at the same time, as while you may be 30s behind on the actual audio/video portion of the stream, the message that is sent from Twitch to indicate that the stream is over and is hosting another channel is sent outside of that audio/visual stream, so regardless of whatever delay there may be for the stream the host message isn’t delayed.

When the stream is loaded for the channel being hosted you’ll start with an empty buffer again, and which will increase as and when your connection needs to buffer which will start to add tot he delay.