Legacy API - Get User Follows - Offset parameter ignored


I’m having an issue with the legacy API endpoint ‘get user follows’ found here

The parameter ‘offset’ as stated in the documentation is currently being ignored. This has been the case since roughly 2 weeks, beforehand this did used to work.

Using the new API is currently not an option atm. Is this maybe a known bug? or are no further fixes to be found due to its deprecation?

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The issue with endpoints related to Followers in v5 is a known/ticketed issue, as reported here: https://github.com/twitchdev/issues/issues/237

Keep in mind though that v5 is deprecated and will be removed in the near future so while this is being looked in to you should use this as an opportunity to explore solutions using Helix.

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Thank you for the very fast reply. The helix endpoint currently doesn’t provide similar data as provided by the legacy endpoint. This change impacts my work on a larger scale. It cant be avoided, however the decision to change to helix or even scrap the application will be left as late as possible.

You should open a uservoice for missing functionality as well


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Thank you Barry.

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By logo I assume you mean “profile image”.

You could chain the (results of the) request with the “get users” API

And notification choice I believe is “restricted” due to privacy concerns and it being “on” not meaning much when smart notifications auto terminates notification, (may make a return behind a user scope but then you’ll have to get tokens from everyone you follow, as it’s not public data if notifications are on or not)

Yes, it is named as ‘logo’ within the response of the legacy endpoint which would be the ‘profile image’ in this case.

Chaining would be fine to get the additional info required but also doubles the amount of requests made, which could be avoided if some info was included in the first endpoint called. In my particular case, the ‘notifications’ info would still be missing.

This new endpoint combines from what I can see 2 legacy endpoints (get-channel-followers & get-user-follows) and can switch between the two based on either ‘from_id’ or ‘to_id’. The original ‘get-user-follows’ contained information whether notifications are activated or not. This is missing for me now altogether. I cant seem to find out what users I follow that I have the notifications active for per API

The restriction can be lifted by comparing the token owner with the to_id and then showing if the notifications are active or not. This way not everyone can see who receives notifications from whom but rather only I can see my own. Currently (as you pointed out) this is not the case.
I will add this to the uservoice

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