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Before starting, I already sent several mails to integrationsuccess without success, so I’m trying here if someone can help me on that.

We’re planning to process twitch raw data from oauth-less endpoints (such as /games and /streams).
This data analysis (not the raw data but the computed one) will be part of a commercial service and sold to companies.

As my mother tongue isn’t english, we are not used to read such Developer Agreement and I hope you could help me:

  • Is our project compliant with the Developer Agreement? Could we develop the service and sell the computed data?
  • Do we need a separate agreement emitted by twitch?
  • What does twitch mean by “Re-syndication”? An equivalent could be “re-distribution”?

Many thanks

I am sure someone from Twitch Legal would need to contact you but I read this:

Inappropriate & Appropriate Commercial Uses

The following activities are prohibited, absent a separate agreement with Twitch:

  • Selling, licensing or otherwise distributing any metadata or social content or authorizing access to any metadata…

As a no go if you are selling the data. You would need to work with Twitch I assume, reading that, and get a separate agreement written up.

The point you quoted is about twitch users metadata I guess, not about Materials (ie. raw data about most played games, views, and so on).

Thats why Im a bit confused.

I would recommend having your lawyer review the terms to ensure you’re in compliance. We can’t comment in-depth about legal concerns, which is likely why there were no responses from integrationsuccess. I would point you to two particular sections and clauses of interest, aside from the one above, in the Developer Agreement:


III. Ownership and Feedback
A. Ownership of Program Materials.

Schedule 1: Storage of Program Materials/Twitch Content

Do not store copies of Twitch Content and Program Materials, unless you (a) obtain authorization (through these terms or otherwise); (b) control the rights associated with such content; or (c) cache such information for only a twenty-four hour time period without further sharing it with third parties.

Just a side note perhaps then in the Developer Agreement. It indicates in Schedule 1:

Should you have questions, contact us at integrationsuccess@twitch.tv.

Perhaps there should be a different contact, or a note that indicates for legal questions please seek legal counsel or something. The way that I read the developer agreement would lead me to believe to ask any questions to the above email address.

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