Legalities of using the Twitch logo in my project?

So I was reading this page about the legalities of using the Twitch logo, but it’s still unclear to me if/what I’m allowed to use in the game I’m developing.

First of all, my game is a client that is only meant to be run by streamers, and is mostly played via twitch chat in the streamer 's channel. So naturally, they would need to use their twitch login in order to fire up the game. Sufficed to say, it only makes sense (from a UI design standpoint) to include a twitch logo somewhere during this login process. Am I allowed to do this? Do I require a license of sorts?

Second of all, I would either need to have the client download a logo from a reliable, static url, or do the more desirable thing which is to have it prepackaged (embedded) within the game’s assets. What are the legalities in doing this?

Keep in mind that the page you’re referencing is just guidelines, so just like the page says if you have further questions then contact as they will be able to provide definitive answers if you are concerned. That being said though, using Twitch brand besides a login button or something of that nature should be fine although you should specify somewhere that your game is not in any way endorsed by, or related to, Twitch.

As for your second question, check out as that provides assets to use, and guidelines you should follow on how to use those assets and what not to do with them.

Yea, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to send an email about it. But perhaps, first, I should continue development until it’s more presentable. My main concern was wondering if I’d be wasting my time developing something that end up would burying me in legal issues.

But push come to shove, it seems we don’t actually have to use twitch assets. We could simply have a disclaimer, and our own text/graphics which don’t represent twitch, following the guidelines to make sure it’s a safe enough distance from representing them in any way. Can’t really get around using the text “Twitch” somewhere, though… Seeing as the game is basically centered around it.

It’s also possible to change our backend to have our own separate login system, but it’d certainly be a more cumbersome and less secure method of verifying a user’s twitch account.

Hopefully, however, they’ll respond stating that they won’t mind a simple logo + disclaimer combo. That’ll just make life easier for us, as well as our users.

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