Limit for PubSub-topics with scope

Hello everyone,

with the new addition of the subscriber topic, could we please talk about the limits for a connection to pubsub again?

I DO understand that there should be limits but most of the topics require a scope already which make them abuse safe.

My suggestion is that topics, which require a scope, are not adding to the limit of maximum topics allowed per connection.

This would help the increasing amount of topics available, does not break any abuse protection and would reduce the need for sneaky workarounds.


We’re looking into how we can improve PubSub but have nothing to share right now. We’ll keep you posted when we do!

Just to be clear, the limits are there for system reliability and scalability reasons. Scopes are in place so that user’s know which data they’re sharing via the PubSub system. :slight_smile:

Where is the pubsub documentation? I seem to have an old link.


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