Limit on access tokens?

After reading this, I wonder if my offline terminal app with OAuth client credentials flow can just request an access token everytime I run it. @BarryCarlyon states, that every 25 access tokens, the first dies. That would not be a problem for me. Do I have to fear repercussions, if I reload my cli programm every minute?

If yes, is there a way to recheck “expires_in” without having to recurl the whole token, which will then ultimately renew it? As I understood, refresh_tokens are only given out to other credendial flows.

No it’s just bad practice.

Yes use the validate endpoint

Indeed only user “normal” oAuth get Refresh tokens.

Implicit and App Access you have to go round the loop again

I discovered the limit as I had a good practice and a bad practice script, and the bad practice script broke the good practice scripts token.

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Thanks Barry, you are doing a wonderful job.

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