Limits on irc channels join?

I am inquiring if there is a limit on irc channel joins by a single user account from a single IP.

To give context, I am testing scaling on a bot we started working on this weekend. Right now it is joining a list of 20-30k channels on twitch and I am spot checking 2-5 minutes after to see if it connects and shows on the viewerlist. I am having mixed results. On some channels it joins, others it does not, on the some that it joins it leaves after a while (say around 10 minutes after it joins and shows up). We are going to look at using sockets instead of the irc python module to get better info, but I wanted to inquire if anyone knows more.

Also I am not spamming or issuing commands during this test. I am just joining channels, which doesn’t seem to have a documented limit on the docs.

In theory, the limit on channels you can be in is infinity.

But you will get disconnected if the message send buffer is too big, which will happen if you join a few big channels.

Theres a few threads on scale advice on the forums, but 20k/30k is a lot of channels to join and/or respond to if you intend to actually start replying to command triggers

Thanks for the reply Barry.

I apologize if its a dumb question, but does the message send buffer still apply even though there are no messages being sent? Also I am running my test on smaller channels (ones that typically have very little members in their chat). None of the big channels are being targetted.

The message send buffer is the messages being sent from Twitch to You in this description

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