Links in overlay extensions

Links within my extensions don’t work. Is it possible to configure urls that can be opened? is there a way around the sandbox?

Links you want to open have to be added to the link whitelist in your extension configuration

But not from a non-panel extension, right?

Optionally, if your extension is required to open an external URL for configuration or as a core functionality for the panel, list the URLs under Whitelisted Config URLs or Whitelisted Panel URLs. Linking to an external site for a video overlay extension is strictly prohibited.

“Extension Capabilities”

You are correct. Linking to an external site is “Panel” or “Config” only at this time

Note also:

Off-site linking:
Video-overlay extensions may not contain links of any kind.
Panel extensions must submit a whitelist of domains requested for off-site linking.
Off-site links must be related to the extension’s core functionality.
Off-site links may not refer users to sites that deliver functionality effectively similar to that available on


Under “Content Policies”

Thank you!

Seems like content policies have changed and now links are allowed under the condition that they are explicit enough:

4.6 Off-site linking:
4.6.1 Off-site links may not refer users to sites that deliver functionality effectively similar to that available on
4.6.2 Off-site linking elements must have a visible indicator to signify that it will take the user off-site, such as link text, or a button.

There is nothing about what type of extension you’re using (overlay or not).

Still, I’m not able to make a link work in my overlay extension unless I right-click it and open it in a new tab… :frowning:

  1. Why did you necro a topic over a year old with a different issue
  1. Try <a href="https://someplace" target="_blank">Link</a>

Without the target it tells it to target the current page, which is the iframe your extension is in, in this case…

Since twitch don’t differentiate now external link policy for different types of extension would it be relevant to confirm same issue for the video component extension?
I got following link on the video-component extension <a _ngcontent-c23="" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a> and the is listed in the “Whitelist panel Urls” field and in the “Whitelist config Urls” too. Link does not open the site.

Something does seem to be awry. A spot test yielded links not working at all in a video extension

Edit: Update the consensus is that Links in Video/Components are on a internal testing basis to particular extensions only and it’s not available to the masses at this time

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Has this been changed at all? I’m not seeing any option to create a hyperlink in my overlays

With a few exceptions, it’s not possible to link out to other sites in Video Overlay or Component extensions.

Sad. I mean… look how far vr and meta have come. lol and here we are… unable to hyperlink :smiley:

Then use a different solution for whatever it is you intend to link to. It is by design that you can’t link out to anywhere you like in a Video extension.