List of Mods via API?

Is there a way to get a list of moderators via API? or to tell if you are a moderator? Or if a user is a moderator if you are the broadcaster?

Currently there is no way to get a moderator list outside of the /mods command within TMI. It is a hotly requested feature though.

Who’s the person to contact for that.

Not sure what you mean by that. /mods is available to anyone just by sending that command into chat.

If you need a current list of users and their levels in chat, check out this somewhat reliable unsupported API endpoint:

If you just need a full list of mods for a channel, you can connect to TMI and just run the /mods command inside a channel as George suggested. I’ve being using this method for a while.

I asked via API not chat commands.

and gives the current list of users and their levels.

My questions were:
If you’re a broadcaster/mod can you see a list of mods through the API.

If I’m a normal user, is there a way you can get a list of the channels you mod.

But I’m going to assume both of those are “no.”

As I originally said, currently there is no way to do it via the API.

Any updates on this? I would greatly like utilize this functionality in my bot.

Use IRC tags, and you can see what the user status/level is as and when people run commands.

There are no updates on this request