List of stream viewers showing viewers who have already left

So I’m reading off the list of viewers for a stream from the API, and testing it by joining and leaving small streams. When I leave it takes a little bit and then the list is updated without my username, which makes sense. But then almost without fail the next list of viewers I get includes my username again, even though I didn’t join. Then it continues on giving me the correct list without my name. This is strange, it’s like it removes me from the list, but then adds me back in and removes me again. Has anyone else experienced this, do you know if it is it on my end?

NAMES is just reflecting some cached information.

The only way to get NAMES is when the server gives it to you when you join a channel since it can’t be called independently.

You are just observing weird behaviour because you are treating the servers weirdly.

Sorry, I misspoke and edited my post. I was actually using the API when I saw this bug.

Twitch has say about 20 severs serving the API.

When you go to you could get ANY of these 20.

Each of them has a slightly different cached version of the names list.
(Yes in theory each one should be the same but in practice the are not)

On your first request you get a dirty sever, on your second a clean one, then a dirty one again.

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