List of streamers on a website

Hi Team,

I’m currently working on a project for a gaming community I’m part of which I need some advice / guidance:

The requirements are:

  • To display a list of community members and if they are online / offline on twitch
  • If the user is online, have a green icon next to their name and have a hyperlink which is “Watch Live”
  • When the user clicks “Watch live” this is either a URL redirect to the player or player + chat.
  • If the user is offline, the icon is shown as red with no “Watch Live” Link

Is there already a script out there which I could use to replicate what I’m trying to achieve?

Probably but it wouldn’t do exactly what you want.

And depends on a lot of other variables on how you want to fetch and display.

Lets you look up multiple streams status at once, but if you are using a fixed list of streamers

May work better instead

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