List of videos of twitch streamer

How can I get list of not my own videos?
I have my id and token and I found out about twitch api

It is documented here

I already tried the methods described there, but the requests end with the error “curl: (6) Could not resolve host”, if you can, write an example request if the nickname of the user from whom I want to take the video is known, but I do not know his id.

What is the URL you are calling with cURL?

It’s likely a issue with your cURL rather than the API

Thats documented here:
curl -H ‘Client-ID: myid’ -X GET ‘

Aside from the VOD not existings:

{ "error": "Not Found", "status": 404, "message": "vods not found" }

Which is a different error to what you are getting.

This indicates a problem with your server accessing the Twitch Domain. So thats a problem yourside.

Sorry, not that VOD

You have compiled cURL without https support…

This is not a API issue but a server setup issue your side

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