Listing Commission

Greetings, I figured simply to throw out an idea that most artists does by hand (or on computer).
I don’t personally have the skills to create it, but I won’t mind if someone else does.

  1. Creating a list where one are to accept commission by viewers for artist/streamer.

  2. The list can be open and closed by an image in corner of stream, letting people view for available spots. The Image able to be customized as png, jpg or gif.

  3. Beside headline (ex: Artist’s Commission List), can be a ‘?’ sign, opening a new box next to list, if viewers wants to know the rules and payment matching art inquired. Which can be filled by artist/streamer themselves.

  4. If viewers want to fill in for commission, there can be a button on bottom of list. Inquired to write down what they want made (as long they obey the rules). Along with e-mail adress that won’t be seen by other than artist/streamer, and nickname for viewers.

  5. The artist/streamer decides whether or not to accept, but it won’t be accepted if exceed the list that is limited up to 20 commissions, the artist/streamer decides what is the limit. However, we put in a security measure so no one will be overworked by too many in short notice. Hence within 0 to 20, as it will depend on what’s being made within skills limit.

  6. Once shown on the list, next to the nickname, will be a box the artist/streamer can cross as either pending/on-going/done mark. Thus letting viewers know next spot for commission will be available soon.


  • Have a good day, Connie Spell

Sounds a lot like my extension, it was created for artists then expanded for gaming streamers:

But, there is some limitations to your idea, you can’t sell things with an extension. You can only provide a “digital experience”, so selling a painting and sending it is not allowed with Bits. And we are not allowed to have a payment system on extensions.

Oh, I was not aware of that.
But, thank you. It was similar, but not quite the same.
It doesn’t necessarily needed to have payments with bits, but still having a list both artist/streamer and viewer can witness, that artist/streamer can cross out. The one who had commissioned outside twitch are most likely a viewer of streamer and simply wants to watch progress.