Live_activated_channels not working as advertised

I’ve seen other threads where this route has broken and then been fixed, but it appears to be broken again…

Calling this route for our client id results in no channels being returned along with a cursor. Calling it again with the cursor and one channel is returned. There are hundreds of currently active streamers streaming and using the extension.

Please advise.

This endpoint being gappy has been a known issue for over a year

Just keep using the cursor.

See also issue 57 where the gappyness is noted

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Oh man…thanks Barry for the heads up and the link to github. Unfortunately, it’s going to take forever to make it through the results if we’re only getting a handful of results each time :sweat_smile:

For my “game” matched extensions I use the game data senders to detect live.

For others I check if I’m getting inbound requests from the front ends.

Theres a few ways around the API being “not that useful” since you can track other ways, depending on what you extension does.

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