Live_Activated_Channels Returns 404

So I am trying to get all live, activated channels using my extension. According to the API ( this endpoint can be used to get a list of all channels.

When I went to actually use this endpoint with my non-released extension, the response was always a 404. The record was not found. After doing a bit more research on this I have learned that this endpoint will always return a 404 unless your extension is fully released: Find out if stream is live

My question is, how are you supposed to release a fully functioning twitch extension if you can’t even do the testing before you release? How are people testing and validating this functionality other than providing mock data (which isn’t reliable in production)? Is there any way to do testing?

I feed my system with data from the streams webhook and/or other lists of channels.

This endpoint has had a interesting history, so I use more than this endpoint for data consideration.

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