Live streams showing up below offline channels. (HELP)

First off I would like to state that I have been to the Twitch support reddit as well as submitted a ticket, but the issue has been continuing for almost 2 months without a solution found.

I came to the development side looking for help that can hopefully help the situation directly.

Issue - My wife has recently gotten into streaming, she has gotten affiliate and was doing great, and all of a sudden her channel stopped showing up on people’s follower list when she went live. We started searching for her channel, and for some odd reason, she is showing up as live, but below offline channels. People can’t see when she is live, and they have to go to her past videos in some cases to join her stream. There is also an issue where when people search for her channel, it does not show as an existing one. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I know this may not be the right section of twitch, but I’ve tried everything else to no avail. Thanks

You’ll have to wait for a response to your ticket.

This forum deals with third party development/using the API/Tools that Twitch provides.

Gotcha. Thanks. I believe they did respond, but they said something to the tune of “we only deal with account issues.” So I’m stumped and thought maybe I’d come here. Thanks again tho!

Hi, im having the same issue. Did u manage to solve it?

They opened a ticket and got an answer to their ticket which is what you should do also, rather than post on someones older dead post, where the topic is off topic to this forum