Live Translation Captioning


I’m trying to cater to a broader audience and live captioning in a translated language would be perfect, as many French people watch my stream.

I’ve found this website

It recognizes my voice really well (probably using google translate api) and starts a new line whenever I make a pause, which is perfect for captioning, but it doesn’t feature a live translation functionality.

Is there a way of adding this functionality?
If impossible, is there any workaround to get a similar result?

In the best case scenario I’d get a webhook I could add as browser source on OBS that translates everything I say in the language I want.

I think it’d be a great idea for a team to develop such a tool.
It’d greatly increase the accessibility of live streamer’s content.

One option to consider is the Stream Closed Captioner extension, by @talk2megoosman I believe that does language translations.

Yep my extension is designed to do what your looking for. Challenge faced for any solution that wants to do translations is cost. You can find free solutions to do Speech to Text but if you want to have that then translated, you will have to pay to do that.

Actually I found a piece of software that does both for free and works almost perfectly

Only downside the software is entirely written in Japanese

But with some tweaks it can translate any language to any other language (within the limits of Gtranslate)

I’d be maybe rude if I gave out its name as you just advertised your own code, not sure what to do.

@thetownrapist give it out, it’s not your fault if a free app outperforms something that cost money. IF the free app is actually better or as good as.

Honestly the best option would be google’s Live Transcribe app WITH translation. That app is dead on.

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