Live viewer_count cache interval & legal chatter data

Hi Twitch Dev Mates,

I have written a Python program that saves stream data to a database at a specified interval. Based on the database, graphs are automatically generated to create reports for customers… (Advertising partnerships with the Twitch Partners)

The actual plan was to get more accurate data than stored in the Twitch Analytics (which is 5 minute interval).

However, I noticed that the view counts are not provided in a continuous interval. For smaller streamers (under 1.000 live views), the interval was about 5 minutes. For larger streamers (over 10.000 live views), the interval fluctuated wildly. Even up to 30 minutes.

I did not find any information about the “live viewer count update intervals” in the documentation here or here. Does anyone here know more specifics?

Is it possible with the API to get “live view count” data in real time or at least every minute / every 5 minutes like saved in the twitch analytics? --> “Login with Twitch” would be possible.

I used the Twitch HELIX API (helix/streams … & helix/users …). With helix/streams I request the stream data and with helix/users the followers & channel views. I use Oauth2 with a CLIENT_ID & CLIENT_SECRET.

Furthermore, I have not found a way to legally request the live chatter. There is a URL ( with which you can get JSON data, but you are not allowed to use it. Is that correct?

The API is currently the most accurate official data available. It’s caching/when it updates isn’t documented as it could change at any time based on the loads across Twitch. shrug

You could consider opening a uservoice for something “more accurate”

It could change or break at any time as it’s not an official/documented endpoint for third parties to use


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