Load Twitch Stream in a single SWF and resize it (ActionScript)

So what i want to do is to Load the embed code of a twitch stream in a single SWF and then Resize the Loaded twitch live_embed_player.swf because when it loads it comes up always in full screen and i want it to be in exact dimensions.My actionsript knowledge is barely average.So what i did is , i created a new SWF and used the command loadMovieNum(“http://www.twitch.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf?channel=akamatos”, 0); the stream comes up but in full size always…i’ve searched a lot of posts all over the internet but came up empty, this Twitch SWF refuses to resize.If anyone can Help me with that will be most Welcome! Thanx in Advance

We do not support loading our SWF inside another SWF. If you want to resize it, you should use CSS to resize the OBJECT tag when embedding the SWF on your web page.

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Thank you for your reply Fugiman,HTML Embed code is not what i am looking for,sure its fast and easy but its not gona work for me.The reason i want to Resize the Twitch SWF is because i want to use it in a Chat Room made in Flash,the only way i can do that is by adding it as a Widget in the form of SWF,it works but always in full browser size.And by resize i dont mean the actual Twitch.tv SWF but with some Code in the Blank SWF that i made to load it somehow to get it smaller,thank you again for your reply.