Loading images super slow or even fail to load alltogether

As the title says, loading images takes forever or even fails alltogether.
When loading a list of followed streams it takes forever for the preview image to load:

Url’s in the form of:


I often even get a URL not found error:

Error #2044: text=Error #2035: URL Not Found.

If an image doesn’t exist, they try to generate one on the fly (but it often fails repeatedly [or used to, see below] after calling a lot of channels in sequence that don’t have generated images [or possibly just expired ones]). The server response status should be 200 if the image is successfully generated, and it will redirect you with 302 to a not found image if the channel isn’t live.

As of quick testing just now however, it seems like images are loading much faster (possibly they fixed an expiration issue or cache the stream preview at a large resolution and resize it to fit). I wish they would make these previews update more frequently however (I don’t think they update at all actually).

As of yesterday or the day before I now do see purple twitch logo images are being generated sometimes. I’m assuming those are the generated ones you’re referring to.

Agree, it seems images are now loading much faster.
Personally, I’m ok with the images not updating frequently as I now have my own preview caching in place, so I’m only loading each stream preview image once, the first time I load a user’s followed live streams and for every stream that goes live after that. Works like a charm :slight_smile: