Log in with Twitch on Sites from "Wix.com"

Hi everyone,

i would like to add a “Log in with Twitch - Button” on my Wix.com Website.
I don´t have the knowledge for following the guide, so i would be very pleased if someone can help my.

The Visitors just need to verify their Twitch-account, i don´t need any permissions or further informations.
I have a link already:


But you see it, if you click on the link, it doesn´t work.
I don´t have any experience in coding, but maybe you can help me. Wix have a coding tool “wix code”

It would be perfect for me, if you can write an instructions for me


Due to the lack of being able to do anything useful with Wix on the server/backend side you are limited to implict auth on Wix I believe

Applies instead

Thank you for your answer.

So do you think it can’t be possible to do that on Wix?
If not, do you think it don’t work on any Website-construction Kit? (so not Wix, Jimdo or anyone else)

Implicit auth yes since thats just javascript and doesn’t care what the backend is or does

Thank you for your answer

I said i’m a beginner.

Can i code the api in html or css?

If not, with which language i can create this api?

HTML/CSS are static. So No
CSS is a language to describe the placement and color of things

PHP, Javascript, Python, Go, C#, C++, Ruby, Perl, the choice is yours

Thank you

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