Logging in and setting "system" language for embedded chat?

Embedding Twitch chat in my Electron app using iframe. What’s the proper way of “logging” in to chat? I authenticate with oauth for other things, but is that in any way related to the chat iframe’s session? I seem to be able to chat without first oauthing, so I’m not sure what controls that.

Also, not sure what the appropriate terms here are, but the whole chat frame seem to be using my system locale. (which isn’t English) I want to make sure it is in English (or any other language of my choice?) at all times.

To embed chat as in https://www.twitch.tv/SOMECHANNEL/chat you just do that and thats it. The iframe itself handles authentication if needed and there are no oauth scopes related to the iframe of chat.

I wonder if the Electron App is using the Chrome cookies… Could be an electron bug actually

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