Login/OAUTH on one system/browser logs out other?

Website uses twitch to auth users for login and recently discovered the issue, when a user logs in to the site through one source they are logged out of the site on the other (different browser/device/ect).

Not knowing much about this area I am pretty much limited to googling so I’m wondering if this is a limitation or some sort of configuration problem, If anyone has some knowledge on the subject I would appreciate it :smile:

A new authorization will generate a new oauth token and invalidate the previous one. If you wish to allow simultaneous access from multiple browsers or devices, you should store the oauth token in your database (and run the API requests via your server) or allow an easy way to import/export the token (if a fully client-side application is desired).

This hasn’t been the case for a while. The only way a token will be invalidated is if you disconnect the application in your account settings.

Huh… it wasn’t that long ago I ran into an issue with that.

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