Login with twitch +more (new to all this)

I’m currently new to coding/programming etc, so please bare with me. I’m taking classes soon, and just started self teaching myself.

Anyways, I’m currently creating a website with wix, but I want to add twitch live streams from my twitch community onto my website, I just have my stream embed right now. I’m trying to create a lurk kinda section on my website.

What I want to know
Where Do I start?
How do I add a “login with twitch” button my website?
How do I get my website to cycle 10 livestream videos every 15 minutes to a different member in my community?

Please help, I really want to learn this.

Don’t use Wix. Afaik it won’t let you do ANYTHING useful like this…

Heres the docs

Perform an oAuth dance:

First you’ll need to know if they are live

Then you’ll need to embed a player

Then you jsut need some javascript (probably) to time and cycle

What website should I use ?

usually only with html, css and javascript do you mounts your site without using third party tools

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