Long response time on onLive-webhook

Working on a multifunctional discord-bot that should also be able to report when a streamer goes live, I got my first chance of working with webhooks. Now in the docs here it reads that

Notifications are sent within seconds of event occurrence.

However when sending a subscription request for my bots account and after that going live with it, it takes somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 minutes from what I’ve seen so far. I do not have any delays set and the stream goes live on the main page ~10 seconds after starting it in OBS.

First I suspected heroku (where I am currently hosting it for development) to somehow delay the request (no clue why that would be but I had some issues with heroku in the past) but using a rest-Client Plugin I can confirm that that is not the case.

So I am wondering: Why is there such a big delay between a channel going live and the webhook sending a request? Is it to prevent on-off-streams from flooding the API or am I missing something?

The webhook subscription works perfectly; the only thing is that the POST request has a big delay.

Thanks for help in advance!

If there is any code you think that could be relevant don’t hesitate to ask!

3 - 5 minutes is about the average right now for stream up/down but Twitch says they will improve that in the future.

Basically the webhook is not sent out until the Helix API is also updated with the matching data and this currently takes a few minutes.

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Ah, ok I was not aware of that. I expected the docs to mention such a delay.
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Ah dangit! I should have searched “delay” earlier. I only looked for “response time”. Found Streams Webhook Reproducible Delay now.

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