Looking for a info about channel points and chatbots

im working on a bot and like to add some channel point function in to to but looked on google and the

Twitch Developer Documentation

maybe its me but i cant find any info on it with using TMI.js

any info will be helpful

Generally speaking, channel points can be interacted with using TMI.js

TMI.js is a library for chat interface

And most channel point rewards don’t relay a message to chat that can be consumed.

Both EventSub (EventSub | Twitch Developers) and PubSub (PubSub | Twitch Developers) can be used to monitor custom reward redemptions in real time.

Chat can be used for Redemptions that allow the user to leave a chat message/enter custom text

You can also consume Redemtpions via the API.

The API is used to manage/create/update rewards and manage redemtpions starting here Reference | Twitch Developers

So in a nutshell you need to expand beyond TMI.js to interact with Channel Points

thanks for the info

Additionally, please note that tmi.js is a community-made library and not made or maintained by Twitch. Hence you won’t find its documentation on the official Twitch Docs

Yea i know that

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