Looking for staff feedback - Disabling fullscreen via double-click over specific elements

Had a convo in the discord and the current presumption is that if I do ANY disabling of fullscreen controls (mouse double-click in video player) that it’d result in a rejection during extension review. However my use case is putting elements like joysticks, buttons, etc in the overlay that inherently change the expectation of interactions with viewers.

Would it be a rejection to selectively disable double-click propagation since the user would be interacting with visible controls in the extension? Changing the full-screen-edness changes the position of inputs so that’s a no-go. Some controls/uses (IE multiplayer game controls via extension) encouraging users to repeatedly click which would trigger a fullscreen toggle if not disabled.

I’m not looking for an absolute “yep that sounds fine” answer, more of whether or not it would even be considered during review.


The extension review staff will not give you feedback ahead of time, they will only give you feedback when your extension is in review.

That being said though, it is very likely your extension would fail review if you do anything whatsoever to interfere with the Twitch Player shortcuts, such as double clicking. Other extensions have failed for that very reason.