Lookup User by Display Name

Is there an API call to find a user/channel by display name for users that have Asian/multibyte-unicode character display names? Sending a URL-encoded UTF-8 display name as a “login” parameter to “/users” results in a 400 error, and the only other lookup method seems to be by Broadcaster ID.

There is no method to lookup a user by display name.

It’s either ID or login name.

Twitch chat will report the username in the “tags” if that is your datasource?

My data source is a message from another user. I need the lookup to verify the name that the user provided exists.

So a whisper or chat?

if somethign else, then theres no way to look it up. Since display names are only used in these places (well and streams) but always presented with both items of information.

All “on platform” systems will provide the display name and the login name in the payload.

It is a whisper or chat, but it’s in the contents as a command parameter, not the person who sent the message. A user entering text is the source of the string containing the name, whether that be a channel name or a display name.

Most every bot command on Twitch includes a “user” parameter - was it not expected that users might want to pass the display name rather than the channel name for those parameters?

in 99% of cases you have the username handy of the username is a lowercase version of the display name.

Seems you will need a uservoice to allow lookup by display https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers


If anyone else wants to ask for this feature: Lookup User by Display Name – Twitch UserVoice

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