Loyalty Rewards Extension


I’m curious to know what kind of features streamers deem absolutely necessary for a loyalty reward system. As in, a system that gives viewers points based on view time. The points can then be traded in for rewards. The rewards would obviously be different for every streamer, but points would be given passively across the board. These are some of the things that I have heard are desirable:

  • Custom reward rates for passive point gain (e.g. Streamer A wants 20pts/min, and another wants 10pts/min)
  • A point leaderboard on the stream dashboard
  • Controls to add/remove points from viewers
  • A blacklist to prevent specific viewers from receiving, or trading in, points
  • Custom rewards in exchange for points

What else would you, as a developer or streamer, like to see in a loyalty system?

Doesn’t Streamlabs already do this? Viewers accrue x amount of points every y minutes and can use those points for a couple of different things like betting games, polls, etc.

Oh absolutely, they do. IMO, the questions are still valid regardless of the features that Streamlabs and other services/products provide. The questions aren’t intended to breakdown or analyze features from existing products, but rather find a consistent set of core features that streamers would expect a loyalty reward system to provide.

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile: