Making a script, got a lot of questions

Currently working on a script to make any emote a mouse cursor on twitch. Can’t figure out a number of things since I don’t know a lot of coding.

  • How to call for any emote?
  • How to add an additional menu in the settings?
  • Should I keep it at a script, or make it a complete addon?

Thank you to anyone who helps. I am new to this.

Are you doing this inside of a browser? a good idea would just be listening for any links to the emote site:

And replacing those images with a link to a custom ( or even local ) image.

If you’re using some kind of irc and want to parse chat;
I think the best bet is going to
and downloading the emote files from their API, to get all emote “text” - and replacing those with an image.

EDIT: My bad!
API of twitch for all emotes

It’s gonna be a stylish script. Main plan is to have an input box where the user searches for an emote, and the selected emote becomes the cursor.

I need a coding senpai real bad

You should use emoticon_images instead of the old emoticons endpoint and for the image URL. ID from the API and size either 1.0 for 28x28, 2.0 for 56x56 or 3.0 for 112x112 version.

That’s a thing? Keep in mind, I barely know any programming langauges, so making this is quite a challenge

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