"Manage cookies" breaks UI on mobile

I was embedding a chanels twitch chat in a mobile app (flutter). Everything was fine, but when the user has not yet accepted the cookies and chooses “manage cookies”, the view breaks. Half is cut off and cannot be scrolled to.Its even getting worse when selecting “Set Cookies by Purpose”. Users cannot manage their cookies preferences.

I thought I was doing something wrong and tried to find something to fix it, until i saw this…

This is the official chat example on Chat | Twitch Developers when you choose “manage cookies”.

Im really astonished this major bug exists. All apps that embed the chat are broken, not allowing the user to choose cookies. Any chance anyone found an easy way to fix this?

Not a Twitch staff member here, but the login screen will usually open in a _top tab in a browser context. I’m guessing that in an app frame, there’s no parent to open in so it defaults to the given frame which is giving you your rough experience.

I’m not sure if embeds are intended to be used in anything but a browser context; given the parent checking needing to be a domain name, I’m inclined to think not.


On mobile, Apps can use the phones browser to render website content (html) and put its frame inside the app. So the behaviour and look on such embeds should be exactly like as when you’d browse to the url with your phones browser. To test this, I opened Twitch in my phones chrome browser. And its exactly the same. Parts of the window are cut off, not scrollable to, when choosing “manage cookies”:
Does this mean all chats that are embedded in apps or websites that are being visited on a mobile device have this bug?

And its getting even worse when the prefered language is not english. The cookie-text may be longer in some languages, which causes the two buttons on the bottom “manage cookies” and “accept cookies” to be cut off, leaving you stuck with the cookie text. You cannot confirm nor you can go back.

And the popout-url (Twitch) has the same behaviour

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