Manage extension setting through my website

Is there any way that I will get twitch extension settings manageable through my website
For example let’s take Sound Alerts extensions

If I want to show all available sound alerts on my website I know I can get the list of active extensions with

which will return all extensions which are associated with user depend on oauth token but I want detail of sounds available inside that extension so I can manage settings and play sound from my website
any way to achieve this

any one face situation like this in past?

You’d have to ask sound alerts to offer an API


Thanks for quick replay I was new to Twitch extensions and had some confusion but as per your replay twitch can provide only list of the extensions available for user right?

Twitch API gives you

  • list of extensions you have installed
  • ability to change whats active in each slot

And beyond that it’s up to that extension for what they offer or don’t offer

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