Manual Bits Products Creation

After creating a successful application integration for Twitch, I now started to develop an extension for it.

My question is, is it possible to manually create the bits product via code for each streamer? Basically without using the developer console.

The problem is, the products are being hosted on my app and each streamer can create their own products so I want to dynamically show those products on the panel UI base on each streamers. Is it possible to do that? End goal is to allow this extension to send specific number of bits set by the each streamer.

use the API Reference | Twitch Developers

You are limited to 250 products so you might run out of products.

See Monetization | Twitch Developers

You’d have to provide a number of products are different set price points and let the streamer choose from those pre defined rather than free cost entry

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Got it, thank you, that’s enough for me. Adding that pre-defined products works for me