Marketing / Sales of Extensions to Streamers

Hello again - I am new to Extensions coding and am currently in the middle of completing one - yay me etc. I was wondering - are there are guides / tips on how to sell this stuff to streamers? As far as I can see, the store itself is clearly the biggest discovery point, with a “Featured Extensions” roll at the top. Do people have any tips / KPIs that would mean it is featured? Are there other avenues to “get streamers” involved?

Any advice gratefully appreciated - coding is just one thing, selling and making a business is another :slight_smile:

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We’ll have some great presentations for you at this year’s TwitchCon Developer Day on October 25. Keep your eye on the Developer Day website for when the sessions are announced and you’ll be able to watch one of the session tracks on

Also follow @TwitchDev on Twitter for all updates.

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Belated reply - thanks for the info. I was just wondering if there is a community where I can contact streamers (an email group like thing) to announce my new Extension? Or is right now discovery basically the Extensions dashboard page? Its very bare now - it doesn’t even have a “New” category. Can you preview what the TwitchCon Dev Day will be showing that will help discovery of new extensions? (Would be great to understand how the current store is curated - what is the criteria for being featured / not buried in the “View More” link). For example I released but as it is there is 0 discovery. Clearly I will now have to do some leg work to get streamers to try it / advertise with $ but would enjoy some help from Twitch since you are pushing the platform so hard!