Max messages per user/channel/ip?


I have read on this link : Chat Command/Message limit

but my question is :

I have many account for my dev (between 10 and 15, see more), but i’m not the owner, they belong to my clients.
then, i would like to know if the limit message (before ban) is 100 per channel or 100 per account or per IP.

And if it’s per account or per IP, how to bypass the limits

Thank you

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I believe, but can’t promise, that the limit is PER IP. The ban is set on an IP, I’ve had a bot malfunction and it was IP banned for 2 hours but I could use the account from home. (The bot ran on a server on another IP)

Attempting to “bypass” these limits will probably result in in a permanent ban on your name/email/IP. They are in place for a reason.

The limit is per TCP connection and as Matt mentioned the resulting lockout is per IP.

When i mean “bypass”, i mean legally

as be recognized as bot, if, however, be recognized as bot removes limits ?!

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