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We have a tool that is used by our servers to check specific data on a very large amount of streamers (around 18k+). In the old API we poll huge amounts of data but we would like to adapt to the new one and make use of webhooks.

We already have some filtering system which divides the number of requests we make, but it will still need to request a lot of different channels (around 1-3k) very often: most of the time we need updated data about the channels followers at least every five minutes, which is why we thought about webhooks.

I was reading trough the webhooks docs and it says “Subscription requests affect rate limits in the new Twitch API.”
Does it mean that they do affect the number of requests made ? Also, what is the limit of active subscriptions at the same time ?

(It would be very nice if this could scale, as our number of users will most likely see a huge increase in the coming months, and we would like our tool to be able to handle the load)

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Webhooks have a default limit of 1000 active subscriptions at once (per client ID). The subscription requests count towards your overall rate limit (120 per minute for authenticated requests by default).

If you can’t work within these limits, you can request them to be increased for your application.

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To Expand: to make a subscription to a webhook you have to request it via Helix API which has a 120 limit per minute for authenticated requests limit.

So to reach the 1000 active webhook subscriptions takes 1000/120 = Just over 8 minutes.


Ah thanks ! I misunderstood it as having an active webhook would reduce the rate limit per minute, which would defeat its very purpose.

Thanks a lot for the replies, I was a bit confused

Yeah the webhook create request, reduces by 1 for the next minute and then it’s back to 120.

Twitch sending to you via a webhook doesn’t count against the Helix rate limit


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