Maximum number of users in API call?

What is the maximum number of users that the New Twitch API will return when supplying several user IDs and/or login names to

Logically without further guidance it matches the v3/5 equivalent of 100 logins

And probably the URL length limit at 2035 is a issue to consider also.

I’d keep it to groups of 50, everything I’ve run never really tips over needing to look up 50 people anyway (in a short time). If you are consistently needing to look up large number of users in this way, you might want to open a dialog with Dev Success and see how they can better serve you since, if you are always looking up a lot of users, you are either doing something you ought not to be doing or there is a better way to do it

Requesting more than 100 might have some fun with the return object being large for you and/or taking little longer than usual!

Thanks for the reply, groups of 50 might work! Good point about the URL length limit.

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