Maybe this is a bug. Assigning string to DOM event handler


I think it is something that you should take a look.
When opening the twitch’s homepage, the following file is loaded.

in which, contains the following statement:


Maybe the purpose was to pause the video before closing the document. Setting a string to DOM even handler really does not work in Firefox or Chrome (the event handler will remain null). The correct way is to create an anonymous function and assigns it to the event handler.


Feedback for the website should be emailed to

Thanks for your reply, I have sent the email.

Thought this was a developer only forum. I was directed the the website that doesnt even work for my problem. Not too impressed with twitch tech support.

Who sent you here? If our support team sent you here, that’s a mistake and I’ll ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future; If it was somebody else they are likely just mistaken.

Again, this is not a general tech support forum.