/me showing up as /me rather than highlighting text?

My bot (domina_bot) uses /me almost exclusively for chat messages (so that it is easily seen, in contrast to regular chat messages) but recently seems as though it’s just showing up as “/me blah blah” rather than being recognized as a command.

/me still works for my regular chat account, however.

Is this something that has been disabled for my bot, or is it a new req that i have to ask for when i make the connection?

Sounds like for some reason you are putting a space before the slash

So you are sending

/me words

Instead of

/me words


SPACE/me words


I’m guessing that recently changed - its been working ok for 6-8 months?

Thank you!

Nothings changed on twitch. Coz if so everyone would have the issue

Sounds like one of you library departing was updated and introduced a fault

Hey did this fix your issue? I wasnt aware of any accidental space in my library. And nothing has updated but this started happening to me. I was told that for commands I should drop the PRIVMSG when sending. But have not had time to test.

In my case, yes it fixed the issue.
PRIVMSG #channelName : /me msg
simply needed to be changed to
PRIVMSG #channelName :/me msg
(no space after the colon)

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