Mediawiki twitch login

I want to implement Twitch login in mediawiki.
To do so, I searched the mediawiki extension and found that it was an OAuth2 Client.
However, I do not know how to apply the Twitch API to this extension.
I do not know what value to put in any part.
I would appreciate it if you let me know what value you should put in what part.
You can see the extension in the link below.

$wgOAuth2Client['client']['id']     = ''; // The client ID assigned to you by the provider
$wgOAuth2Client['client']['secret'] = ''; // The client secret assigned to you by the provider

$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['authorize_endpoint']     = ''; // Authorization URL
$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['access_token_endpoint']  = ''; // Token URL
$wgOAuth2Client['configuration']['api_endpoint']           = ''; // URL to fetch user JSON

Covers client_id and secret

The rest is in

Thank you. sir
Thanks to your help, I was able to set it up safely.
Thank you again. sir

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