Message Counting Chatbot

I’m not certain this is the correct place, but here I go. Pretty new to code, but I noticed that there are no bots that collect message count, so I wanted to figure that out for a personal bot/project. I want to collect the message count of each user (post the bot coming into creation as the built-in message count isn’t publically available, as far as I can see.) and use it as a leveling metric, like with discord bots (that’s where the idea came from).

TLDR: Is there a way to access the message count, and if not, what would be the method to collect the message count?

There is not

And half the time the UI goes 999+, so I don’t know if even the front has the true count


Count in real time/do the count yourself. You’ll just only be able to count form the birth of the bot.

Then just count yourself don’t fetch the count from somewhere.

Thank you!

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