Message deletion confusion

So I’ve just started looking into the new single-message deletion feature, to see if it’s worth implementing into our chatbot (to replace purges for auto-spam filtering and whatnot)… and so far I’ve noticed some rather odd behaviour with it…

In particular, the person whose message is being deleted doesn’t seem to have any indication that the delete has happened.

The message that’s being deleted disappears for the mod who’s deleting it, and any other users in the chat, but for the user who sent the message, the message doesn’t get deleted, and there’s no in-chat notice of any kind.

Is this intended behaviour? It seems… unhelpful, from a moderation pov… if someone says something untoward in chat and I delete it, I’m hoping that they’ll see that their message is gone and take that as a hint… but if it’s completely silent, then every time I’m deleting a message I have to message the user and tell them (1) I deleted your message, (2) yes, that one, I know it doesn’t look like it was deleted, yes it’s really gone, (3) and here in detail is why, because otherwise this whisper is probably going to escalate matters.

In general, looking behind the scenes at the API… it looks like the chat has no way to know the message ID for any messages you send… you have an ID on messages you receive, but when you send a message it’s IDless. The ID gets generated serverside for the message to be forwarded on to other participants but nothing is sent back to the sender. So when the CLEARMSG message comes back down the pipe, the chat has no idea which message it refers to… so it just does nothing, doesn’t delete any messages, doesn’t show any notification, nothing.

Given that technical restriction, I don’t see a trivial patch to fix this… but it seems like there should be something happening here.

Pretty much agree

But wrong place to flag this.

Sounds like a bug which would be @TwitchSupport on Twitter
Or a feature request which would be Twitch Uservoice

But it doesn’t really fit on the third party developers forum. Since it’s a first party problem.